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With Property for Sale Signs at Historic Lows in Ireland!

With Property for Sale Signs at Historic Lows in Ireland!

Is Now the Ideal Time to Engage an Estate Agent in Dublin and Kildare?

Ireland is currently facing a significant housing crisis, marked by an acute shortage of properties available for sale. This drought in the housing market has been a growing concern, impacting not just major cities like Dublin and Kildare but extending to rural areas as well. The scarcity of homes has inflated prices, putting homeownership out of reach for many first-time buyers and creating a competitive and challenging environment for those looking to purchase a property. 

This situation poses a critical question for potential buyers and investors alike—is now the opportune moment to engage an estate agent in Dublin and Kildare to navigate this sparse marketplace?

Given this backdrop of a tightly squeezed housing market, one might ponder if this current climate presents a tactical advantage for those contemplating selling or buying properties. Is engaging with an estate agent now, more than ever, a wise move for prospective sellers who could potentially command higher prices due to the scarcity? 

Similarly, for buyers, does an estate agent’s expertise and network offer a valuable lifeline in navigating through this competitive landscape, possibly uncovering hidden gems or negotiating favourable terms? This question becomes particularly pressing for individuals looking to make a timely and strategic entry or exit in the market.

Current Property Market Trends in Ireland

Recent statistics on property sales in Dublin and Kildare illustrate a nuanced landscape. In Dublin, the average house price has seen a significant upswing, reflecting the intense competition among buyers for a limited stock of available homes. This trend echoes through Kildare as well, where demand outstrips supply, driving prices upward. 

According to the latest reports, Dublin has experienced a price increase of approximately 8% over the past year, while Kildare follows closely with a climb of 7%. This acceleration in prices is coupled with a decline in the volume of transactions, underscoring the scarcity of listings. The compressed inventory is not merely a metropolitan phenomenon but pervades the countryside, indicating a nationwide challenge. 

These dynamics suggest that the current market conditions, characterised by slim pickings and ascending prices, may offer a strategic advantage to sellers. However, they also pose significant hurdles for buyers, necessitating skilled navigation to find value and secure a purchase in these highly competitive settings.

What factors have led to our current housing crunch?

Several factors contribute to the historic lows in property for sale signs across Ireland, with economic influences and market sentiments playing pivotal roles. The aftermath of the previous financial crisis still lingers, making potential sellers cautious about entering the market, fearing uncertainties and potential economic downturns. Additionally, the construction industry has not fully recovered, resulting in a slower rate of new builds and further exacerbating the housing shortage.

Economic vibrancy in sectors like technology and pharmaceuticals has led to increased employment opportunities, particularly in urban areas such as Dublin and Kildare. This influx of a workforce has spiked the demand for housing, outpacing the supply and contributing to the scarcity of available properties. Coupled with this is the rising cost of construction, driven by higher material costs and stricter building regulations, which deter new developments and limit supply.

Market sentiments are also a significant factor. Many homeowners are holding onto their properties longer, anticipating further price increases or unwilling to sell due to the high cost of moving and a lack of suitable alternatives. This reluctance to sell, fuelled by the fear of not finding another home within the same area or price range, creates a cycle that keeps the number of properties on the market at historic lows.

Furthermore, government policies and lending criteria have become more stringent, making it harder for new buyers to enter the market, thereby reducing the incentive for existing homeowners to sell. With the combination of these economic and psychological factors, the real estate market in Ireland faces a complex challenge that requires innovative solutions to increase the supply and restore balance.

Advantages of Engaging an Estate Agent Now

Expert Market Insight for Buyers and Sellers alike.

In the face of the challenges detailed above, the expertise of an estate agent becomes invaluable. Estate agents possess a thorough understanding of the current real estate market and are adept at forecasting potential shifts and trends. This insight is pivotal in today’s volatile market where making informed decisions can significantly impact the outcome of selling or buying a property.

For sellers, estate agents can offer strategic advice on when to list their property to maximise returns. They understand the nuances of the local market in Dublin and Kildare, such as seasonal buying trends and the preferences of local buyers. This local expertise can be used to tailor marketing strategies, ensuring the property reaches the right audience at the right time.

Buyers, on the other hand, benefit from an estate agent’s ability to quickly identify properties that meet their requirements and budget, often gaining access to listings before they are widely advertised. Estate agents can also provide an objective analysis of a property’s worth, helping buyers to make competitive offers that are also in line with market values. Their negotiation skills become a critical asset in securing a favourable deal in a market where every advantage counts.

In sum, the current scarcity in the housing market presses the need for an expert ally. An estate agent’s deep market knowledge and strategic insights not only enhance the buying or selling experience but can also lead to more favourable outcomes in a highly competitive environment.

Buying Tips in a Low-Inventory Housing Market

Navigating a property market with scant availability requires strategic thinking and a proactive approach. In a landscape where demand far surpasses supply, particularly in areas like Dublin and Kildare, potential buyers, looking for houses for sale, must employ innovative tactics to uncover hidden gems and negotiate effectively. Here are practical tips for those looking to secure a home in such challenging conditions:

  • Expand Your Search Parameters: Don’t limit your search to popular portals alone; consider other avenues such as estate agent listings, local newspapers, and even word-of-mouth. Sometimes, properties are advertised through less common channels or could be coming to the market soon. Building a rapport with local estate agents can grant you access to these early listings.
  • Consider Off-Market Properties: Some homeowners may be considering selling but haven’t officially listed their property. Estate agents often know of such potential sellers, so expressing interest could put you at the front of the line when they decide to sell.
  • Be Financially Prepared: In a competitive market, the readiness to move quickly can set you apart. Ensure you have mortgage pre-approval and your financial documentation in order. Demonstrating that you can proceed without delay is appealing to sellers who are keen to close.
  • Flexibility and Compromise: Given the low inventory, being open to compromise on some of your criteria can open up more possibilities. While it’s important not to settle for a property that doesn’t meet your fundamental needs, flexibility on less critical aspects can be beneficial.
  • Craft a Compelling Offer: A well-thought-out offer that goes beyond price can sometimes sway sellers in your favour. Consider flexibility on closing dates, a higher deposit, or minimal contingencies as potential ways to make your offer stand out.
  • Stay Informed: Understanding current market conditions and pricing can arm you with the knowledge to negotiate effectively. An informed buyer is in a stronger position to assess a property’s market value and negotiate accordingly.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Finally, it’s crucial not to rush into a purchase due to frustration or fear of missing out. Take the time to ensure that the property meets your needs and represents fair market value. Sometimes, patience leads to finding the perfect property at the right price.

In these trying market conditions, applying these strategies can enhance your chances of finding and successfully purchasing a property. Remember, aligning with seasoned professionals such as Howley Souhan Estate Agents can provide you with the insider knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the Dublin and Kildare real estate market successfully.

Selling Strategies in Today’s Property Market

In today’s challenging real estate landscape, particularly within the competitive markets of Dublin and Kildare, sellers must adopt innovative marketing strategies that not only attract potential buyers but also stand out from the limited inventory. The key lies in presenting your property in a way that resonates with the target audience and utilising multiple channels to ensure wide visibility. Here are several effective strategies to consider, if you want to sell your property:

  • Professional Staging and Photography: First impressions are crucial. Professional staging, coupled with high-quality photography, can significantly enhance the appeal of your property online, where most buyers start their search. These services highlight the strengths of your property and can evoke an emotional connection even before a viewer steps through the door.
  • Virtual Tours and Open Houses: Leveraging technology to offer virtual tours can widen your pool of potential buyers, including those who might not be in the immediate area but are considering relocation. Virtual open houses can also cater to busy schedules, ensuring that more interested parties can engage with your property at their convenience.
  • Targeted Online Marketing: Utilising the power of social media platforms and targeted digital advertising can ensure that your property reaches a broader, but more importantly, relevant audience. Tailoring your message to suit the demographics that are most likely to be interested in your property ensures that your marketing efforts are more efficient and effective.
  • Engage with Local Estate Agents: A local estate agent’s network and expertise can be invaluable in marketing your property. Their insights into the preferences of local buyers and relationships with potential buyers can lead to quicker sales. They can also offer advice on pricing strategy and how to best position your property in the current market to attract the right buyers.
  • Open and Flexible Communication: Being open to and flexible with potential viewing times and being responsive to inquiries can help maintain the interest of potential buyers. Demonstrating a willingness to accommodate viewers’ schedules can make a significant difference in a competitive market.
  • Highlight Unique Features: If your property boasts unique features or upgrades, make sure these are highlighted in your marketing efforts. Whether it’s an energy-efficient heating system, a landscaped garden, or proximity to desirable amenities, these features can make your property stand out.

By employing these strategies, sellers can not only attract the right buyers but also maximise the potential of their property in a market where visibility and presentation could mean the difference between a property sitting on the market and one that sells swiftly and at a desirable price.

Howley Souhan Estate Agents: Your Partner in Navigating the Dublin and Kildare Real Estate Market

In the midst of the challenges presented by the current property market in Ireland, Howley Souhan Estate Agents stand out as your dependable partner in navigating the complexities of buying or selling property in Dublin and Kildare. 

Leveraging a wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of the local markets, our team is adept at offering tailored advice and solutions that align with your unique needs and objectives. 

Whether you’re aiming to maximise returns on a property sale or searching for your dream home within a competitive market, Howley Souhan provides unparalleled support, from initial consultation to closing the deal. With our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest market trends and developments, collaborating with Howley Souhan ensures you’re one step ahead in achieving your real estate goals in these vibrant regions.


Navigating the complexities of the real estate market, whether in Dublin, Kildare, or beyond, requires a well-informed approach and strategic thinking. The insights provided here aim to empower buyers and sellers with knowledge and strategies that can lead to successful transactions in today’s competitive landscape. 

Understanding the value of professional staging, the power of digital marketing, and the importance of patience and flexibility, can significantly enhance your ability to make informed decisions. 

Partnering with experts such as Howley Souhan Estate Agents ensures that you have an experienced ally in your corner, ready to offer personalised advice and support every step of the way. Armed with the right information and the right partners, navigating the property market becomes a more manageable and potentially rewarding experience.

Take the Next Step with Howley Souhan Estate Agents

Ready to make your move in the dynamic Dublin and Kildare property markets? Explore Howley Souhan Estate Agents’ curated listings to discover the possibilities awaiting you. Whether you’re buying or selling, our team is here to provide the guidance and expertise you need to make informed decisions. Schedule a meeting today to discuss your real estate needs and learn how we can help you achieve your property goals. Together, we can turn your real estate aspirations into reality.


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